Our Favorite Bold Prints For Spring

Spring is commonly associated with pastel hues and whimsical patterns that take inspiration from the flora and fauna of the season. This year, we’re refreshing our interiors in a new way — with bold patterns, unexpected colors, and rich textures that add eye-catching interest. Ready to take your space in a surprising direction just in time for a new season? Try one of these fresh pieces that are currently for sale at Viyet:

Monica James & Co. French Style Armchairs

Why we love them: Though French armchairs can read traditional, this large-scale pattern gives this set a more eclectic feel. We also love the use of warm gold and orange within the pattern.

Massoud Flamestitch Accent Chair

Why we love it: Not quite a stripe but not quite a chevron, this unique pattern is hard to define — but that’s what gives it impact.

Hickory Chair Claude Barrel Back Armchair

Why we love it: This chair is proof that a small-scale pattern can have the same bold presence as a large-scale pattern, and it’s all thanks to color. Here, tiny trapezoids in a muted red hue are just as eye-catching far away as they are up close (where you can really admire the exquisite texture).

Vintage Bold Botanical Bergère Chair

Why we love it: Think floral prints are a bit too sweet? Think again. This pattern reinterprets blooms and leaves in a more contemporary way, with strong lines and even stronger colors.

Phyllis Morris Versailles Bergères

Why we love them: From the ornate hand-carved frames to the striking purple-and-white upholstery, these are the chairs that definitely make a statement in a space.

Vintage Teak Upholstered Dining Chairs

Why we love them: The woven houndstooth print of the upholstery brings a modern point of view to these gorgeous vintage chairs.

Baker Oval X-Back Upholstered Dining Chairs

Why we love them: Recalling the color of new leaves, the green hue within the dimensional pattern of this set of chairs will beautifully refresh a dining room.


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