The 5 Pieces Designers Swear By

Above featured interior by Drake/Anderson

What’s true for your closet is also true for your décor: You only need a few great investment pieces to create a stylish “blank slate” for trendier accessories. In fashion, it’s classics like a black cashmere sweater, a beautifully tailored jacket, and gorgeous leather heels. When it comes to your home, count on these five pieces we swear by:

A Family Sofa

It’s a must for anchoring a seating area, but some skimp on size. Instead, choose a clean-lined sofa that has enough room for the whole family (and pets!), then incorporate accent chairs to expand your options for guests. We love the Thayer Coggin Clip Sectional Sofa for its interesting curved shape.

Stylish Storage

You already know we’re a huge fan of sideboards for their versatility. These sleek storage pieces can be called into use in the dining room, living room, or even bedroom. Look for pieces with rich details, like the Harris Rubin Planar Walnut and Steel Cabinet.

A Neutral Rug

Neutral doesn’t have to be boring — just look at the Shine By S.H.O carpet above. This rug is a great choice to help define a seating area (or dining area); it adds a layer that helps absorb sound and its texture makes a room feel cozier. Of course, this is true for any rug, so choose one you love.

An Iconic Piece

Whether vintage or modern, an unexpected accent adds interest. (Plus, a designer piece never loses its market value.) We love an eclectic design like the Pedro Friedeberg Hand Chair, but if you’re not ready for such a bold look, you can’t go wrong with any mid-century piece.

A Bar Cart


Though it’s undoubtedly useful for at-home happy hours, think of a bar cart as a portable étagère. It can hold plants and books, or be used as a quirky alternative to typical storage pieces. We love the sleek lines of the Mid-Century Modern Mexican Rosewood And Brass Bar Cart.

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