Viyet 8: Decorating With Crystals

Above, two interiors by Kelly Wearstler highlight crystal specimens in very different ways: As an accent on a buffet and as bases for lamps.

Crystal forms have become one of the most surprising décor trends of 2017. Yet, we’re not too surprised: These minerals bring a unique organic shape and often interesting mix of colors into an interior. Crystals also make great gifts, especially when paired with a candle in a rich scent. Here are just a few of our favorite crystals available now at Viyet:

Large Geode Specimen

Why we love it: Curated by Hutton Wilkinson of Tony Duquette Studios, this unique mineral specimen makes a dramatic statement in any setting. If you have sleek mid-century furniture, the organic texture and shape of the geode make for a brilliant contrast.

RabLabs Fim Bookends

Why we love them: Semi-precious quartz crystals on a polished metal base make for an unforgettable set of bookends. The texture makes an unexpected (and stylish) impression on a desk or, of course, a bookshelf.

RabLabs Amethyst Tigela Bowl

Why we love it: Semi-precious amethyst in a deep purple lends drama to this versatile bowl. It’s stunning enough to display on its own, but you could also fill it with decorative accessories in a contrasting color to create an eye-catching focal point.

Modern Decorative Quartz Bowl

Why we love it: Curated by Raul Carrasco, this smooth bowl is made of grey quartz. The graceful shape beautifully highlights the crystalline structure of the gorgeous mineral.

Viyet Modern Hand-Carved Rock Crystal Skull in Quartz

Why we love it: Also curated by Raul Carrasco, this unusual sculpture was hand-carved in Brazil from pale yellow quartz. It’s the kind of piece that adds edge to any setting, whether displayed on a bookcase or accenting a console table.

Modern Rock Crystal Moon Table Lamp

Why we love it: The base of this stunning lamp is a crystal in a perfect circle, building off of the Art Deco inspiration of the design while also subtly bringing to mind the beauty of a full moon.

Tony Duquette Studios Geode Coffee Table

Why we love it: This incredible piece was also curated by Hutton Wilkinson, Tony Duquette’s protégé. It’s a standout addition to any seating area, especially when paired with luxe upholstery that lends textural contrast to the glass-like surface and organic shapes — think velvet, leather, or suede.

Eclectic Rock Crystal Cluster Table Lamps

Why we love them: Jagged crystals sparkle in the light from this unique pair of lamps, highlighting the subtle differences in each fragment.

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