Why Every Room Needs A Little Bit Of Lacquer

Above, a lacquered Parsons-style table holds its own in this bold design by Sam Allen. 

Like a well-placed mirror, lacquer offers an unexpected way to bring a lively, energetic feel to a room. The glossy finish reflects light and movement, and actually makes colors appear a little more intense. Whether it’s a highly lacquered wall or piece of furniture, a little bit of luster never fails to command attention. With varying degrees of sheen, there are so many ways to bring this luxe element to a room. Here are a few of our favorite lacquered pieces that have caught our eye at Viyet, and how we’d use them in our homes:

In an Entertaining Space

Lacquer Sideboard

The Toby Collection Glossy Lacquered Sideboard & Buffet features a high-gloss lacquer that most of us are familiar with. It is a dramatic piece, in black, with sliding doors that conceal the ample storage area. The polished chrome base creates a “floating” illusion.

In an Open Floor Plan
Lacquer Jan Showers

Want to add sheen and light while providing privacy? You can accomplish all three with the Jan Showers Collection Lacquered Sanderson Screen. Its elegant ivory color makes it at home in any decor scheme, while its gorgeous geometric design adds interest. Use it to designate different “zones” in an open-concept or loft, or simply treat it like a standalone sculpture that brings an intriguing pattern to your space.

In a Dining Room

Lacquer Odeon Chairs

Add glamour to your dining room with the Evanson Studios Odeon Dining Armchairs.
A rare combination of comfortable and modern, the chairs are covered in a leather-look fabric and feature lacquered dark wood legs (which complement the sheen of the upholstery). They are sold in a set of eight, ensuring you will have enough chairs for that dinner party you’ve planned.

In a Living Room
Lacquered Furniture Ralph Lauren

You will find a lacquered sheen in traditional furniture, too. The Antique-Style Three-Drawer Chest from Ralph Lauren is a sophisticated and luxurious alternative to typical storage furniture. It features a French provincial design, with carvings in a lacquered wood and beautiful burnished drawer pulls. This piece could also work in a spacious hall, dining room, or bedroom.

In a Bedroom
Lacquer Newell Designs

Lacquered finishes reflect light, helping to make a bedroom seem more spacious. This white lacquered Queen-Size Canopy Bed from Newell Designs is commanding without being overwhelming. The footboard and rails have a portrait framing, while the upholstered headboard features a black-and-white ticking insert with a pink welt, giving the bed a vintage feel.

In a Large Entryway

Lacquer Evan Lewis Buffet

The Evan Lewis Bamboo Table features a heat-patinated copper and black lacquered oak joined to create a “faux bamboo” look to this handcrafted steel table, which is truly a work of art. While it’s designed to be a buffet, we can’t think of a more dramatic “welcome home” than with this stunning piece.

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