Room-By-Room Decorating Solutions For Small Spaces

Above, a small nook becomes an elegant seating spot in this design by Antonino Buzzetta.

Many of us live in apartments, condos, or have perhaps embraced the small home trend. The problem? Many furniture designs are made for much bigger spaces, it seems. For example, a couch that looks fabulous in an open floor plan might just completely overwhelm a smaller living room. Dining tables can take over what little space there is for get-togethers, and as for collections…those quickly turn into just “clutter” if they’re not displayed properly. But, there is a solution: furniture that has a slightly smaller scale. Here are a few ideas for nearly every area of your small space:

For The Living Room

Small Space Living

With its trim arms and sleek lines, the Lampert sofa by Jonathan Adler has a tailored look that makes a space feel more put-together without taking over. It’s also a great piece to grow with, thanks to its neutral grey velvet upholstery that complements nearly any color scheme.

For a coffee table, we suggest an oval shape (it feels less bulky than the traditional rectangle). Consider the classic Saarinen coffee table by Knoll. It has a white finish and a stylish pedestal base that lends itself to a better traffic flow.

As an alternative, you could also choose two small tables. These can be placed together for a full-size “coffee table” or displayed separately to free up floor space. We love these Dennis Miller Russian Doll tables designed by David Rockwell. Their mirrored and polished steel frames reflect light, while the blue glass tops bring a pop of color.

In A Dining Area

Dining Area

An expandable pedestal table works well in a smaller dining room. The Woodland Furniture Extension Pedestal Table from Monica James & Co. opens up to an oval shape when company comes. The pedestal base offers versatility for seating options. We also love the table’s creamy yellow-white distressed finish that adds a little special detail to the piece.

If there’s no space for a dining area, squeeze one in with a tall table and stools. (Or, turn a kitchen island into a breakfast bar by adding stools.) The Spruce Roper bar table by Mimi Rogers has a refreshingly rustic feel. Pair it with two of Tolix’s Marais bar stools for an interesting industrial contrast.

For The Bedroom

Small Space Bedroom

Especially in urban apartments, bedrooms can easily feel small and cluttered. The key here is keeping the look minimal without sacrificing comfort and style. A platform bed with an unobtrusive headboard, like Duralee’s Fairfax queen bed, won’t jut out as far as bed options with footboards. If there’s room next to the bed, opt for slimmer nightstands that have drawers, like the Louis XV bedside tables from Julia Gray — what you lose in bedside table surface, you make up for in storage. But if your bedroom won’t even fit a nightstand, wall-mounted light sources, like the Library wall sconces from Modulightor, offer focused lighting without taking up precious floor space.

Kitchen/Bath/Office Storage

Storage is always a problem no matter the size of your home. These vintage tall iron etageres from Megan Winters have a slender design that can be used in many ways. Made of black iron with gold finial details, they would look lovely holding anything from copper pots in the kitchen, towels in the powder room, or books and collectibles in the living room. If your style trends more vintage, you’ll love the Italian butterfly etagere, which is especially graceful in a powder room. But if you’re looking for a more compact storage option, look for a bar cart. It can be used as a petite display for collections, or used to stow attractive extras (think: linens, office supplies, and, yes, even cocktail hour must-haves). We like the sleek and simple vintage English mid-century bar cart.

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