10 Easy Ways To Get Your Home Guest-Ready

The holiday season is the one time of year where a party fills nearly every weekend. If you’re one of the millions of people who will be hosting friends and family, it’s likely that you’re seeing your home in a whole new light. You might be asking yourself a litany of questions: Is there enough seating? Is the guest room comfortable? Can everyone fit in the dining room? If this sounds like you, read on to see a few decor ideas for making your home feel inviting (and stylish).

1. Have a mantel? Rid the clutter, then redecorate.

Jenny WOlf Mantel

A fireplace is a cozy focal point in a room. A few well-chosen accessories, like this design by Jenny Wolf, make the mantel stand out. Find unique decorative accents at Viyet »

2. Upgrade your bathroom.

Wendy Haworth Bath

Luxuriously fluffy towels and a tray of neatly organized “amenities” make a difference in this bathroom. We also loved how Wendy Haworth included a few pieces of art in this chic space.

3. Swap out a coffee table for tailored ottomans.

Kapito Muller Coffee Table

If you frequently entertain (or have a small space), consider this idea from Kapito Muller. The ottomans can be used as seating, end tables, or easily moved out of the way for bigger functions. Shop ottomans at Viyet »

4. Bring a bar anywhere with a tray.

Biasi Cantani

A simple tray, like the one in the above vignette by Biasi Cantani, neatly contains everything you need to keep spirits high at your get-together.

5. Dress your bed with cozy throws.

Ashley Darryl

Whether in a bedroom or in a living room, a lush throw gives any space a luxurious vibe, like in this space by Ashley Darryl.

6. Accessorize your entryway.

Barclay Butera Hamptons Showhouse

Most of us pay little attention to the entryway. But this space sets the tone for your whole home, and offers a place to get creative with more dramatic art, accents, and decor. Take, for instance, this Barclay Butera design, which is unified by a head-turning “beach” theme.

7. Carve out a reading nook.

Kapito Muller Reading Nook

This cozy corner by Kapito Muller is the perfect spot to relax with a good book. Both elements can also be moved easily to provide extra seating elsewhere in the living room. Shop accent chairs at Viyet »

8. Pair accent chairs to create a conversational grouping.


Michael Berman positioned two loveseats to create an intimate seating area in this gorgeous room. It’s a charming idea for more formal living rooms or large open-plan spaces. Shop settees and sofas at Viyet »

9. Use a lounge, bench, or daybed to expand seating options.

Drew McGukin Lounge

Drew McGukin punctuated this large living room with a beautiful upholstered lounge. It helps “separate” the conversational and entertaining spaces within the room, while also giving the homeowner plenty of options for seating. Shop chaises at Viyet »

10. Use mirrors to create a feeling of spaciousness.

Jan Showers Mirror

A large, dramatic mirror fills in the empty space above the sofa in this elegant Jan Showers design. The mirror doesn’t just reflect the decor — it reflects light, which helps make the room feel much bigger. Shop mirrors at Viyet »


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